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Do you get better treatment with a private dentist?

Do you get better treatment with a private dentist?

It would be incorrect to say that private dentistry is ‘better’ than NHS dentistry. While private dentistry may offer more options and personalised care, it is essential to recognise that NHS dentistry also provides high-quality care. What private dentistry does offer, that NHS dentistry sometimes can’t is choice. Private dentistry allows you to choose from various practitioners and treatment options. Ultimately, choosing private or NHS dentistry should be based on individual circumstances and needs. In this article, we’ll go over the types of choices that private dentistry can give you.

Private Dentistry Gives You Choice

Choice of dentist

As a private patient, you can be selective about who you see when you attend a dental practice. You will typically be registered with a particular dentist rather than the practice, so you can be sure of seeing the same face each time you visit. Most people find it reassuring to know they are seeing the same person, which allows us to build a much closer relationship with you to better understand your dental goals.

Choice of treatments

private dentistry allows you to choose from a wider variety of treatment options. This is because its sole focus is not just on maintaining or restoring your oral health but on ensuring that your teeth look and feel their best at all times. Take a filling, for example. Any filling will remove decay from a tooth and reduce the risk of you getting an infection or toothache. With a broader choice of filing materials privately, you can ensure that any filing you need blends into your natural smile and remains unnoticed.

Choice to improve your smile

Many dental treatments are simply unavailable on the NHS, but you may feel that they would greatly benefit you. Treatments such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening or implants may significantly enhance your smile, and these are only available on a private basis.

Choice to pay as you go or pay monthly

You can pay for private dentistry as you go, so the fee for each treatment is paid at the time of the appointment. Many of our patients choose to join our Denplan membership to allow them to spread the cost of their dental visits with monthly payments (typically around £16/month). Denplan members also get discounted fees for dental treatments. For higher-cost treatments such as teeth straightening, payment plans are available to allow you to spread the cost of treatment.


At Chelwood Dental Care, we have a small NHS contract, and all dentists provide both NHS and private dentistry. Due to NHS funding limits, we can only see a small number of patients under the NHS. We have space available to accept new Denplan registrations as well as new pay-as-you-go private patients. We pride ourselves on our friendly service and have over 250 verified 5* Google reviews to back us up.

If you would like to discuss joining our practice as a private patient, please get in touch at 01132668459 or email us at

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