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Children's Dentistry


We support the Dental Check by One campaign by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry. 

Childrens Dentistry in Leeds at Chelwood Dentlal care.

It is important for children to attend the dentist, even from a very young age. This is for many reasons:

  1. Getting used to the environment - starting early is a great was to reduce anxiety around dental visits

  2. Prevention - getting the best information about how to care for your child's teeth will set them up for a healthy mouth for life

  3. Baby teeth are important too - they help with eating and speaking. They also play an important role in the correct development of adult teeth. Toothache in baby teeth is just as nasty as in adult teeth so we want to prevent it.

  4. Monitoring development - catching any problems early on can make them much easier to fix.

Childrens Dentistry Leeds

  • Introduce them to the dental environment and let them sit on the chair, or a parent\guardian's knee if they prefer

  • Count their teeth - if they have any yet! 

  • Talk about tooth brushing and diet to make sure you are able to take the best care of you child's teeth

  • Check for any problems and discuss these with you

  • Depending on your child's age we may apply some fluoride varnish to their teeth with a small soft brush. This helps prevent decay

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  

For more information about looking after your children's teeth, the BSPD has a great guide here

Childrens Dentistry Leeds. Childrens NHS Dental patient.
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