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Is Kid’s Dental Treatment Free in the UK?

Is Kid’s Dental Treatment Free in the UK? Children need to have access to good dental care, and parents often want to know if their kids can get free dental care in the UK. The answer is yes; there are a number of ways that children can get free dental care in the UK. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different options available and how you can access them.

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NHS Dental Treatment for Children The most common way for children to get free dental care in the UK is through NHS dental treatment. All children aged 18 and under are entitled to free NHS dental treatment, regardless of their family’s income or whether they have a disability or not. This includes check-ups, fillings, extractions and other treatments as needed. To access this service, you need to find an NHS dentist using the ‘find a dentist’ search tool; follow this link directly to the page by clicking here. Dental Treatment Through Schools In some areas of the UK, another way children can access free dental care in the UK is through school. Many schools offer free check-ups and treatments for their pupils as part of their school health programme. This is usually done by a visiting dentist who will come into the school regularly to provide check-ups and treatments as needed. Please be aware that not all schools offer this type of service.

Low-Cost Private Dentistry If your child needs more extensive treatment than available through the NHS or their school, you may be able to access low-cost private dentistry services. Many private dentists offer discounted rates for children under 18, so it’s worth

shopping around to find one that meets your needs and budget. At Chelwood Dental Care, we see Children of our NHS, Private and Denplan patients for free charge. Conclusion There are several ways that children can access free or low-cost dental care in the UK. The most common option is through NHS dental treatment, which all children aged 18 and under are entitled to regardless of family income or disability status. Other options include accessing free check-ups and treatments through schools or low-cost private dentistry services, which may be available at discounted rates for younger patients. It’s important to explore all these options when looking for ways to ensure your child gets the necessary dental care they need at an affordable price.

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