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Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Are you considering orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth and improve your smile aesthetics?

Confused about what to choose between traditional braces and Invisalign? Or wondering if these Invisalign aligners are really worth the hype?

This blog post will help you to make the best decision for yourself by highlighting the benefits of Invisalign. You can find more information on our website here.

If you are looking to straighten your teeth without any fuss of brackets or wires- getting Invisalign aligners is the perfect option for you! Clear aligners are transparent and custom-designed to suit your needs.

Here are the advantages of Invisalign aligners over traditional fixed braces:

1. No food restrictions

Yes, you heard that right! While traditional braces might restrict you from eating certain foods to ensure the success of the orthodontic treatment, getting Invisalign aligners enables you to eat or drink without any restrictions.

These aligners are removable and make it easy for you to eat and drink your favorite things. Just make sure to give your mouth a clean before reinserting the aligners.

2. Great aesthetics

Clear aligners are transparent. The thin plastic aligner trays enable you to straighten your teeth discreetly. They are virtually invisible and most people will not even notice that you are going through orthodontic treatment.

Many people hesitate to get traditional braces because of the metal brackets and wires that are clearly visible when you smile or open your mouth to eat or drink. Getting Invisalign treatment will help you to improve your smile without being visible. It is a great option for adults and teens who wish to straighten their teeth without any fuss or visibility or metal brackets or wires.

3. Easy maintenance

Traditional braces can make maintaining oral hygiene more difficult. The metal braces and wires require extra time effort to maintain cleanliness and good dental health.

Invisalign aligners are removable which makes it easy for you to brush and floss regularly. You can clean your aligners by simply brushing them with your toothbrush and cold water.

4. Helps in fixing dental issues

Invisalign aligners have proven to be highly effective for straightening teeth and treating dental issues such as crooked, crowded teeth or small gaps between the teeth. This can help you smile more confidently. Go to the Invisalign website to see how this system can change your smile.

5. Super comfortable

Invisalign aligners are just as effective as traditional braces but they are more comfortable as the forces on the teeth are more gradual and there are no brackets or wirs digging into your mouth. Review appointments during treatment are quicker but done regularly to ensure everything is on track. You can eat and drink anything that you want without any discomfort. They are removable and so you can easily maintain your dental hygiene.

We hope that now you are aware of all the advantages of Invisalign aligners. For more information please feel free to get in touch with us. Head over to our website to book an appointment and begin your journey towards a healthy and beautiful smile.

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